Prashanth B Panduranga

Innovative information technology executive with demonstrated success directing enterprise transformation, and IT strategies in large organizations. Established track record as a Technology evangelist and change catalyst who collaborates with other executives and teams to rationalize IT landscape, simplify business processes and deliver bottom line measurable benefit while implementing best-in-class innovative and creative solutions. An energetic and visionary leader with a passion for people development, spearheading Architectural Centre of Excellence and Enterprise Architecture Practices

Microservices Much abused Microservices
Rationalization The right way to rationalize
Evangelize Expo 1
Expo 2
Rendezvous with Architecture
Mind Share with Pivotal CTO
Future of .NET workloads? .NET Core, Future of Microsoft development
Cloud & Beyond, Milestone in a transformation Journey Cloud and beyond, Roadshow
Pragmatic 2020 Cloud strategy for LARGE enterprises Cloud strategy, roadmap for 2020 and beyond
Services landscape Changing services landscape
Private cloud Enterprise private cloud, just a fad or the whole nine yards
Enterprise Digital Transformation- A must read for CTO/CIO/Transformation leaders  Enterprise digital transformation whitepaper
DevOps Nirvana
Architecting Extremely large scale web applications – A MUST read for all architects  Architecture
Few thoughts on non virtual throttling   throttling 
SAAS and multi-tenancy Requirements and architectural considerations  A product Engineering perspective
How to conduct an Enterprise Architecture Assessment?  Augment your IT Strategy with  EA Assessment 
Architecture hackathon across Bangalore, Pune and Russia  ARCHON
Introduction to Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework   All about EA
 Tried Architecture as Shared Services? Felt like Abstracting the best of the resources, while encapsulating them well within at the same time? Tried creating COE’s?  Introducing T#
 NoSQL: Wondering what NoSQL is and why there are so many of them?  Find out why?
 MVP: What is an  Minimal Viable Product?
Learning MongoDB : Series
  1.  Mongo Series 1
  2. Mongo Series 2
  3. Mongo Series 3
  4. Mongo Series 4
  5. Mongo Series 5
  6. Mongo Series 6
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We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. thoughts live; they travel far – Swami Vivekananda

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